Riad Koubaisi hamman at
Wed May 31 15:47:22 MDT 2000

Hi comrades
    I read the e-mail concerning  lebanon and the israeli withdrawing
and i found that i must comment on:
  first i don't agree with comrade sevaq that the PLFP is not a marxist
second i agree with him that the ones who are guerillas that will fight
are the pro-syrian , moreover i can add that if we want to talk
logically all the Palestinian leagues in lebanon must not have weapon, i
know that this may surprise comrades  but also i wish you to know that
the lebanese society which its structure is very weak cant bear more
wars .
   Again i will remind you comrades that lebanon is very sensitive
concerning the sectarian issues, i don't know if you know the
demographically structure of the south but i can tell you that the
christians where not happy from what happened . they are afraid from any
act from hizzbollah because they do know that Hizzbollah is completly
guided by the syrian regime. what i am afraid from is that the syrian
and the U.S are using lebanon as a place to finish their problems.

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