Concerning Cuban Cloning.

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Wed May 31 16:57:17 MDT 2000

An interesting quandary.   Michael Hoover cited: < Vandals Ruin Crops at
UC-Berkeley Genetic Research Center... Two ski-masked activists scaled  the
fence of an Albany research center partially owned by the University of
California-Berkeley and destroyed dozens of plants in an effort to stop research
on genetically modified food, a government spokesperson said Thursday. >
Macdonald Stainsby cited: < Experts confirm that Cuba is close to producing its
first cloned sheep. The FAO believes the island is the most advanced country in
Latin America and the Caribbean in the field of embryo
transplant and animal cloning and sponsors the region's students in study
courses with Cuban specialists. >
Are we now going to get eco-activists going over to Cuba to trash the genetic
work laboratories there?   Paul F  

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