NZ section of IST (the SWO)

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Wed May 31 17:01:28 MDT 2000

 Graham wrote: < Unfortunately the 80s
campaign against Proctor 'worked' for sections of the British left not because
he was in an exploitative personal relationship but largely because he was
homosexual. His reactionary politics gave this a more populist feel.  >   I
don't recall anyone on the left having a go at Proctor because he was gay.
Certainly, we had a go at him for his racism and for his unpleasant
relationships with rent boys, but they are legitimate reasons.   It is perhaps
unfortunate in this instance, taking Proctor's flagellatory predilections into
consideration, that Graham uses the phrase 'bending the stick', but leftists
have often ended up whitewashing dubious and dangerous characters and movements
purely because other reactionary forces have been attacking them.   Paul F    

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