L-I: Today's mobilization

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Wed May 31 18:38:20 MDT 2000

Dear comrades,

I met Julio on the May Square today, and forced him to promise me
that tonight he will write a note to the lists. I send this in order
to further force him.

I will give my short account of what happened in Buenos Aires today.

This mobilization has been the largest one I remember in decades!

Estimations of people at May Square are not easy to make. The Square
is an area of some two hectares, with three large avenues convergent
on one of its ends. The Square was half full, because the organizers
of the meeting made the mistake of placing the stage on the corner
where these avenues reach the Square. The enormous columns of people
that were gathered found thus it difficult to enter the Square and
fill it to its highest capacity. Thousands of people had to wait
along these avenues, but a general rough estimate can be made: at
worst, there were 50 000 people, and at most from 85 000 to 100 000.

Attendancy was from the most variegated social classes, mainly white
collar and blue collar. This plebeian alliance is the only way ahead
for Argentina, IMHO, and we have had a forerunner of what may happen
if Moyano sticks to his hard position ("Hard adjustments", he said
today, "will meet hard answers") and De la Rúa and the establishment
insist in their attack on the Argentinians. I was delighted to see
well dressed middle class university graduates elbow to elbow with
dark skinned, sturdy Construction workers!

People were thirsty for political thought and information. I, with my
comrades of the PIN, distributed leaflets at the demonstration, and I
can tell myself that not only people took them and read them while
they were marching (not only ours, anything they were offered they

The main points of the speech by Moyano (who is becoming an
astonishingly flexible political leader) called for a protracted
resistence, for every form of struggle from cutting the roads to
refusing to pay taxes, for a "national front" against the IMF.

There were a dozen MP's who had been voted with De la Rúa on the
Alianza list. This is a sign that the tensions that were unleashed
within the Alianza will ultimately end with the pulverization not
only of the Alianza but even of that monument to overdue longevity
that is the Radical Party of De la Rúa.

Moyano confirmed that there will be a massive strike on June 9th,
which he asked to be so complete that "even the leaves on the trees
will stop moving".

At the same time, President De la Rúa before taking his plane to
Germany (he will attend the Congress of the Social Democracy, so that
cdes. in Germany may have an opportunity to mar his vacations in
Europe!) declared that this mobilization had been done against him in
person. What will the twelve representatives answer?

History is beginning to move here. The same is happening in Brazil
Maybe we can enter the 21st. century marching ahead, not backwards!

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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