The voice of capital declares war against "information wants to be free" (was: Rock and roll rebels)

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Wed May 31 19:58:51 MDT 2000

I have no idea what Napster's business model is. They do not seem to have a
product that they're selling or giving away to push advertising. Then again,
what these dot-coms have been selling most is the stuff (bourgeois) dreams
are made of -- stock certificates.

The point is that a lot of these cultural "products" have attracted "big
money" because it was possible to limit their distribution. Make duplication
of the products easy enough and of a high enough quality and ... the value
of a book, movie or song becomes vanishingly small.

There is another project similar to Napster called Gnutella, which, as far I
understand it (I haven't used it myself) is another cross-user file sharing
utility but isn't limited to mp3 files and doesn't rely on a central server
to maintain a database of what's being shared at this moment.

Such a program, if it can be made to work, would qualitatively complicate
efforts to crack down on unauthorized file sharing.

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Jose Perez said:

> all it takes for a DVD-quality 2 hour movie is about 6 gigs. So
> while RIGHT NOW movies and TV programs are out of the line of fire,
> within several years, MPEG-encoded movies may be bouncing around the
> Internet like the napster MP3 files are doing now.

its interesting what that dude from Metallica said in the slashdot
interview. he's waiting for movies to get tossed around like this,
cause he figures Hollywood will get into the act and take on the
Napster's of the world with REAL BIG MONEY behind their fight.

on a side note, someone mentioned Napster as being Open Source. as far
as i could tell from scanning their site, this is not true. they give
you software for Windows free of charge, but no source code.

i see there is a GNapster project around, so maybe the Napster
protocol (or whatever it is) is in the public domain and Gnu folks are
implementing it for linux and other platforms.

but my first impression of Napster and where they are headed fits my
image of a new capitalist sector taking on an old one -- "The
Napsters' Take on The Entertainment Business." But i dont know enough
about the Napster business model to see how the fight will shape up.

et tu, jose?

les schaffer

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