Break Their Haughty Power

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Nov 1 02:56:54 MST 2000

>  > The process, for a more American context, goes from Krieck
>  > to Heidegger to Derrida to the postmodern minions of the Modern Language
>>  Association. The "oscillation" that Faye demonstrated for the 1890-1933
>>  period in Langages totalitaires has its extension in the contemporary
>>  deconstructionists of the "human sciences," perhaps summarized most
>>  succinctly in Lyotard's 1988 call to "donner droit de cite a l'inhumain."
>Nonsense. The MLA are salaried culture-workers who've been getting the
>shaft from the market forces for years. There are a few overpaid superstar
>theorists out there who afflict the world with their hyper(te((x)t)ual
>crap, but deconstruction was genuinely radical in the 1970s, and opened
>the doors for all sorts of multinational Marxisms, radical
>identity-politics, the decolonization of the aesthetic canon, culture
>studies, and all the other heavy ideological artillery which first got
>used on the streets of Paris '95, Berlin '96 and Seattle '99. Next stop:
>-- Dennis

I don't see much deconstruction in the consciousness of people who
participated in the events named above.  If anything, young
anarchists are humanists and/or primitivist Greens.  However, you may
be simply saying that what we see now is the result of deconstruction
of the Old Left (CPs/Socialist Bloc) as well as of the New Left.


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