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Wed Nov 1 03:11:34 MST 2000

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>I don't see much deconstruction in the consciousness of people who
>participated in the events named above.  If anything, young
>anarchists are humanists and/or primitivist Greens.  ....

Young anarchists are not so bad these days IMHO.  Some of them are very
nearly Marxists who are calling themselves anarchists in order to announce
that they are the most radical possible sort of people, and to avoid being
confused with the stodgy and tired class-collaborationists whom they suppose
us socialists to be.  The weaknesses of anarchists have historically been
their de-emphasis of the struggle against capitalism, on the one hand and
their unwillingness to defend workers' states and anti-imperialist
governments, on the other.  But these days you find people carrying black
flags who are in fact consciously fighting capitalism and who are ready to
defend states under attack by imperialism, and I think this changes the
picture a bit.  I had a conversation the other day with a young
African-American self-described anarchist (who reads Workers' World
'religiously') who volunteered that 'of course you can't just have a
revolution and do away with the state instantly, you have to suppress the
old ruling class, you can't just go from point A to point Z instantly,
whatever...'   I interrupted him:  'Congratulations, you're a Leninist, you
passed the test.'  He laughed appreciatively.

Lou Paulsen
WWP, Chicago

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