Economic measures to support the Intifada

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> Wednesday, November 01, 2000
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> Bahrain Tribune
> Economic measures to support the Intifada
> Author By: Adnan Bseisso Al Ayam
> The Arab summit that was recently held in Cairo adopted a resolution
> to set up two funds. The first, the Al-Aqsa Fund, is to have a capital
> of $800 million and will finance projects that aim to safeguard the
> Arab identity of Jerusalem and enable the Palestinian people to be
> free of their dependence on the Israeli economy. The second, the
> Jerusalem Intifada Fund, will have a capital of $200 million.

This is a most interesting development!

A billion dollars, for the rulers of Saudi Arabia or Bahrein are of
course next to a drop of piss. But it is the _fact itself_ that the
funds have been officially set up that marks an inflection in the
struggle. Israel is beginning to confront its worst nightmare, that
is a unified Arab front against its aggressions to the Palestinian

I find it is an important step ahead. Thank you Mine for the

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