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Richard Fidler rfidler at SPAMcyberus.ca
Wed Nov 1 10:00:17 MST 2000

<< ...the majority of subscribers to the list
are from the Third World ...>>

- - Mine

> > >Surely not. Could Lou or Les provide us with some updated round numbers on
> >the
> >>geographical distribution of list subscribers (no names)?
> >>
> >>Richard Fidler
> >>rfidler at cyberus.ca
> >

Yes, 20% of the subcribers are from the Third World. Let's assume that 1% are
the Third world ? So what? What bothers you about the *Third World* so much,
since you are replying to my sentence above?

Let's assume that only 10% of students are blacks in SUNY. If you follow your
numerical logic, we will end up putting the affirmative action on the shelf


and from Lou (in an earlier post):

<< Richard Fidler has lined up with Yoshie in this debate....>>

My comment: This list would benefit if subscribers would stop attributing
motives and opinions to other list subscribers that the latter have not
expressed, and do not hold.

Richard Fidler
rfidler at cyberus.ca

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