Nezavisnost and the European Trade Union Confederation

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AB> The key is which is most likely to bring the working class into
AB> action as a historical factor, and, of course, in a positive role in
AB> terms of their interests!  The problem with the first option is that
AB> it tends to freeze this process, and substitute the state apparatus
AB> for the working class itself.  The alternative is to support whatever
AB> tendencies exist for the working class to engage in action on its own
AB> behalf, and in its own person.

  One has to wake up to the reality that class consciousness was
destroyed in a long process over decades by the stalinist rulers, and
that the econmic crises shaking the East and Central European
societies has been lurking for as long, and just broke out at the end
of the eighties.

   The GDR e.g. _was_ bankrupt, and it survived the 80ies only by a)
selling out to West Germany, and b) by massive loans from West
Germany, the first one being intiated by the late Franz-Josef Strauß,
one of the most ferocious anticommunists in Germany.

   The possibilities of growth for the economy were exhausted; there
is no way of expanding production and services without either the whip
of capitalist exploitation or the free association of the working
peoples themselves, and the latter one was suppressed by stalinist

   The rule of the burocracy was simply no longer viable and _had_ to
fall; there was no means to keep it up, even the trial of a civil war
of Mr. Ceaucescu in Romania did not help him. Conspiracy theories
don't explain this, they just confuse those peddling them.

   The important fact for proletarian revolutionists is that the
working masses have _won_ more _political_ _space,_ have won the
possibility to build their own organisations, to link up with workers
in other countries and to finally acquire a real view of the Cuban
revolution, which was obscured by the price that the Cubans had to pay
for the material aid, i.e. to allow the conterrevolutionary burocrats
to pose as communists and the "official" friends of revolutionary

   There is no other way for the working masses to recover class
consciousness but their own struggle and their own experiences, no
police tutelage can replace that, even less when the nightstick claims
to be "socialist".

    Reread the third thesis on Feuerbach by Marx, if you want this
thought expressed in a more deeply thought out and compressed manner.

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