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Strange story from the Georgian times, issue 212

Before Being killed, Italian Journalist Had Exposed Russians' Using of
Biological Weapon In Chechnya

On October 25, 9 days after the mysterious killing of an Italian
journalist near Tbilisi, Giorgi Gachechiladze, head of the Georgian
Green Party unveiled a video type that sheds some lights upon the
crime.  Police found a corpse of Antonio Russo, an employee of Italian
radical radio "Radicale" on the highway about 30 meters off the
Gombori police checkpoint.  Working at the hottest points, Antonio
Russo last covered affairs of the war in Chechnya and its
complications. He dwelled in Tbilisi and frequently visited the
Pankisi ravine, a shelter of hundreds of Chechen refugees, from where
the journalist broadcast his up-dated stories in live.  The journalist
had quite an expensive satellite appliance to get immediately into the
air.  After the murder, police could not find this appliance, along
with journalist's computer in Russo's flat the deceased journalist
rented in Tbilisi.  The videotape Mr.  Gachechiladze manifested at the
press conference arranged particularly for this purpose contained a
record of the congress -" War and Environment" organized by members of
Georgian and Chechen Greens in Tbilisi's oldest park -Mushtaidi,
beside the football stadium on September 25, three weeks before the
killing.  Antonio Russo, one of the most principal participants of the
congress, delivered a speech in which he condemned Russian army in
applying of a new experimental bacteriological weapon of mass
distraction, and provided proper evidences. The title of the speech
was "The new weapon that Russians are going to use in Chechnya".
Russo's utterance, which was not largely highlighted by media and did
not evoke a proper social resonance, deserved fierce protests from
Russia. The Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs immediately forwarded
an official note full of resentment to its Georgian counterpart.
Russians were vehemently denouncing the congress of Georgian and
Chechen Greens, which, the letter said, bore blatant anti-Russian
inclinations.  The Russian ministry whipped Georgian government as
well, blaming it for sheltering such undertakings.  Mr. Gachechiladze
suggested that Antonio Russo fell victim of the information he
possessed about Russian weapon experiment and intended to publish
it. "I am far from the idea to accuse someone personally, but the
chain of events leaves no other way but to make such suggestions" -
Mr.  Gachechiladze said.  Georgian and Italian prosecutors, who are
conducting investigation on the case, admitted that the video type
should render indispensable help to justice.

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