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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Wed Nov 1 16:10:59 MST 2000

>Louis Proyect wrote:
>>  you started off appearing
>>  to back Yoshie's arguments. When I read this, I reacted angrily and didn't
>>  continue reading what you wrote. In fact, you followed up:
>I'm curious. In what sense are Yoshie's arguments an occasion for anger? In
>what way are any of her arguments attached to positions (practices) by her or
>anyone else on these lists which are an attack on workers or a defense of u.s.
>imperialism? Now I can understand that within the framework of what you call
>Zinovievism, in which errors of history, of aesthetics, of interpretation of
>texts, can be treasonous acts to the party some view expressed Yoshie could be
>an occasion for anger. But *only* within that framework.
>Now as I understood the formational principles of this list we were without
>powerful and immediately convincing reasons to the contrary to avoid such
>labels as "menshevik," "bolshevik," "pabloism of the third whatchmacallit,"
>"stalinist," etc. so I would like to have an explanation without the use of
>such freefloating labels.

It seems to me that Lou has been upset not over any of the views that
I actually hold but over the fact that I attribute a partial truth to
Robert Brenner & Ellen Wood, instead of considering their views to be
_wholly_ incorrect.


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