Venezuela -- Steve Ellner (1)

Julio FernándezBaraibar julfb at
Wed Nov 1 16:39:37 MST 2000

Jay Moore wrote:

"... Steve Ellner...says that unfortunately Chavez does not have any middle
class support to speak of, including among students.  (Ellner teaches
political economics at a university there -- so I suppose he's got some
experience himself.)  I was wondering what our Latin American comrades might
have to say about the state of the student movement in Venezuela and other
neighboring countries.  I asked Ellner to illuminate.  I'll forward any
response to the List."

Comrade Ellner is being witness of one of the most important dramas of Latin
America, that Nestor, and sometimes I, have tried to explain. I don't know
about the student movement in Venezuela but I can suppose what is happening
after the experience in my own country with peronism. But the situation has
worsened because the students today don't belong tothe lowest layers of
middle class, but to the highest and, by that, more related with
imperialism. By this reason is so important the discussion in the sein of
the leftist groups and partys about Chavez and the nature of his movement.
Imperialism is already preparing th typical pincers maneuver which has
allways used against our antimperialist revolutions. Fortunately, today we
have the invaluable help of Fidel Castro. Without arrogance, we had to do it
alone and against almost everybody.

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