Bibliographical ref for Argentine trotskyism

Julio FernándezBaraibar julfb at
Wed Nov 1 16:40:15 MST 2000

The author of this book and the party he belongs to have a very sectarian
outlook. The book of Alexander shows a very wider perspective, without the
"trotskystist" sectarianism. It is impossible to find in the literature of
the Partido Obrera a little consideration about, i.e. our Izquierda
Nacional, and if there is something it allways have adjetives as "national
bouorgeois", "pro peronist", "class collaborationism".
Some comrades in the list can tell something about Osvaldo Coggiola.
Julio FB

Another history of Argentine Trotskyism can be found on the Revolutionary
History site. This one is by Osvaldo Coggiola of the Partido Obrera group.

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