Young anarchists (was: Re: Break Their Haughty Power)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Nov 1 19:55:35 MST 2000

>Beyond that, I think we have to emphasize these young militants' strengths
>and (a) get involved, alongside them, in the most militant
>"anti-globalization" actions, and (b) (very important, and fortunately not
>very difficult) bring them into the movements against racism and state
>repression in the US (or their home countries), and against imperialist war
>and military intervention (Balkans, Colombia, Philippines, Middle East).
>The more actual contact they have with the struggles of the most oppressed,
>whether it is the Palestinian struggle or the movement to free Mumia or the
>protest of the latest police murder in Chicago, the more immunized they will
>be against the lures of the "NGO political lifestyle".
>Lou Paulsen

Omitting the parts on which I agree with you, let me ask a question.
How do we bring together people involved in the Palestinian struggle
& those who have worked on the Balkan issues, to take just one
example?  Have you tried to do so in Chicago?  I don't mean to ask
only Lou Paulsen -- I'd like to hear from anyone who has tried to do
so, successfully or unsuccessfully.


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