Young anarchists (was: Re: Break Their Haughty Power)

Saul Thomas stthomas at
Wed Nov 1 23:35:34 MST 2000

Dear Lou,

Would you please put me on your contact list for Chicago? I am down in Hyde
Park at the U of C, and I would like to get more involved in whatever
actions are going on elsewhere in the city. I can't guarantee that I can
make it to any particular event, but I would like to know what is going on
so that I can make it to those that I can.

I did go to a Palestinian demo earlier this month at the Tribune plaza, and
was a little disappointed to see that not many non-Arabs were
participating. Where were all of the youth who would make it to the Nader
rally a few days later? I am interested in broadening anti-imperial
struggles as much as they can be broadened.

Thanks much,

Saul Thomas

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