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> Subject: L & C Bicentennial Committee
> Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 15:27:53 -0700
> Dear Mayor Pollard,
> I am writing to express my dismay at your dismissal
> of James Craven from the planning committee for the
> L & C Bicentennial Committee.   James Craven was not
> representing himself, nor was his voice a singular
> one.  Professor Craven was the designated representative
> of the Blackfoot Nation.  Dismissing Professor Craven is
> parallel to sending home an ambassador to the United
> States, thus breaking all diplomatic ties with that
> nation.  By dismissing Professor Craven, you have severed
> all diplomatic ties with the Blackfoot Nation, and
> have gravely insulted not only Professor Craven, but the
> Blackfoot People in both the United States and
> Canada.   Silencing the voice of the Blackfoot
> People will have serious public relations
> ramifications not only for you, but for the City of
> Vancouver as well.
> Professor Craven's words not only represented the
> Blackfoot Nation, but the concerns and opinions of
> many experts, scholars and citizens outside his
> Nation as well.  Those people are concerned that the
> voice of Indigenous Peoples will be ignored in the
> forthcoming commemoration, just as their voice was
> ignored during the 500th anniversary of the Columbus
> journey which initiated economic exploitation,
> slavery and the holocaust against Native Peoples on
> this continent.  To ignore genocide during the
> upcoming commemoration is to grossly misrepresent
> the historical period.  For example, according to
> the historical documents, in particular Thomas
> Jefferson's Letter to William Henry Harrison
> concerning the expedition, Lewis and Clark were a
> reconnaissance team for the future annexation of the
> West.  We should note that as the Governor of the
> Indiana Territory, Harrison was charged with the
> annexation of Native Lands (promised by treaty as
> Indian territory for eternity), so that these
> territories could become part of the United States.
> Harrison succeeded in wrestling 92 million acres of
> "eternal" native lands from the Indians.  To say
> that the Lewis and Clark expedition's purpose was to
> set up friendly relationships with the native
> peoples and the United States is to grossly
> misinterpret that historical period.
> So, by dismissing James Craven from your committee
> on the L & C Bicentennial Committee, you silence the
> voice in the wilderness crying out for justice for
> an oppressed people.  I assume, you would not
> dismiss a delegated representative from Israel
> concerned with the teaching of the Jewish Holocaust,
> so why have you done this to "the" Blackfoot
> representative charged with the same task?
> Dr. Gerard Smith
> Clark College
> Vancouver, Washington
> These are my personal opinions and do not represent
> the opinions of my institution or my employer.

Eugene Johnson
(He Who Laughs A Lot)

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