Nader:End Sanctions on Iraq

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[I think Lou Paulsen or someone else on this list stated flatly that Nader
has not called for an end to sanctions on Iraq. See my excerpts from
following article, dayne]
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Subject: [BRC-NEWS] Ralph Nader Tells It Like It Is

From: Michael Tanzer <mtanzer at>

The Black World Today
October 11, 2000

Ralph Nader Tells It Like It Is

By Michael Tanzer <mtanzer at>, Senior Editor

Some 2000 enthusiastic people packed the auditorium at
Hunter College of the City University of New York on October
7, paying $5-10 each, to hear Ralph Nader, presidential
candidate of the Green Party, give his views on a variety
of issues, and respond to questions from a media panel as
well as the audience. The event was organized as part of
a two-day conference on "independent politics in a global
world", held at the CUNY Graduate Center, where Nader
also held a press conference following his speech.

What was most impressive about Mr. Nader to this reporter
was not just his obvious intelligence and articulateness,
but even more his candor in stating his opinions on
controversial issues. For example, in the public meeting,
when asked about the current tense confrontation between
Israel and Palestinians, he stated that he believed that
while both the Israelis and Palestinians are entitled to
security, the Palestinians are also entitled to justice;
further, the Israelis, with their overwhelming military
power should not use it in confronting people throwing
stones. He also commented, tongue-in-cheek that as far
as U.S.-Israeli relations are concerned, given that Israel
has universal health-care and an extremely high level of
education, perhaps the U.S. government should ask for
assistance for our population from the Israelis! This,
in the city with the largest Jewish population outside
of Israel.

Mr. Nader also called flatly for the lifting of sanctions
on Iraq, which he characterized as "criminal behavior by the
United Nations pushed on by the United States" and leading
to the death of 5000 children per month. When asked whom he
would appoint to his cabinet if you were elected president,
Nader gave as his first example, for Secretary of Labor,
Tony Mazzocchi, radical trade union leader, founder of the
Labor Party and "father of OSHA." Whatever else one may
think of Ralph Nader, these are not the statements of a
candidate who needs polls to tell him which way the wind
is blowing.

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