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Thu Nov 2 11:44:10 MST 2000

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Michael Hoover wrote:

>But Brenner's
>rejecting idea that logic of capital accumulation includes spatial
>differentiation led to capitalist warfare & partition of territory
>being nowhere found in his analysis.  One consequence: Brenner ignores
>both concept of surplus capital seeking outlets and role of political
>state in that activity.

I don't think that Brenner rejects the idea that the logic of capital
accumulation has historically involved underdevelopment of large
parts of the world.  What he rejects is the thesis that capital
accumulation at the core _automatically_ involves underdevelopment in
the the rest through the process of unequal exchange, for it deflects
attention from concrete investigations of class struggles & class
formations in the periphery.  That said, Brenner does ignore "concept
of surplus capital seeking outlets and role of political state in
that activity" in his article in New Left Review.  Hence the
necessity of the synthesis that I have advocated (Brenner, Eric
Williams, Jose Carlos Mariategui, C. L. R. James, Samir Amin, Jim
Blaut, Perry Anderson, Alan Carling, etc.).  I think we should take
Brenner's explanation of the _origins_ of capitalist social relations
while taking insights from the dependency theory camp on how
capitalism, once it arose, has _developed_.


CB: As to the origins of capitalist social relations, does he agree with Marx that
slavery and colonialism were the chief momenta of the primitive accumulation of the
capitalists , or not ?

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