"art's...inherent political progressivity."?

Chris Brady chris_brady at SPAMearthling.net
Thu Nov 2 12:38:20 MST 2000

"Hitler was an artist, afterall."
Hhmmnnn... have you ever seen examples of his ouevre?
Clumsy, muddily representational, hackneyed views of clumped
architecture, generally, non?
After all, Old Adolph is history's archetypal "artiste manque"--the
failed artist.  Sullen in rejection, he took his doltish aesthetic
weltanshauug off the canvas and tried to force it upon the world.  (I
thought this in art school before I ever heard of Walter Benjamin, so it
must be fairly obvious to this enlightened group.).

But, CB, what do you mean about "art's sort of intuitive (ha ha) claim
to inherent political progressivity." ?  I assume you refer to Western
"Fine Art"?  As to the term "progressivity" it has had a couple of
different and antagonistic implications politically.  I submit that
Western "Fine Art" displays probably the best example of progressivity
to be found anywhere if we accept the notions of linear progression and
the logical progress of Western "Fine Art" from the Renaissance through
the various styles and movements to conclude with Conceptualism, with a
ghostly "Fine Art" Post-Modernism remaining as the reworked residue of
shattered icons haunting aesthetes and Fine Art hucksters with wistful
dreams of former glory.

CB (Chris Brady)

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