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> As we say in Argentina
> Che Owen, are you crazy or, as Louis suggested, only "en pedo"?

 Perhaps I am mildly mentally unbalanced, but I believe a tragic sense of
irony is lacking here. I was caricaturing the position of Jared, though this
was hardly a great distortion since he did actually endorse Putin over his
wiping Chechnya and its "Muslim fascists" off the face of the earth. You see
Jared genuinely sees himself as the defender of the Slavs from Western
civilisation and Islamic "fascism" and his politics are a bizarre but
strangely humorous shadow of the Red-Brownism of the Communist Party of the
Russian Federation and similar organisations. Louis' affectionate portrayal
of Milosevic was, granted, more class-based, except it managed to portray
Milosevic as a romantic revolutionary heroically defending the vestiges of
"socialism" from Western imperialism, i.e. a Che Guevara figure. I was only
wondering if Putin would now undergo the same treatment given these proposed
"reversals of privatisation".

 Anyway, I can see Jared's career as perhaps moaning about the catastrophe
that has befallen Yugoslavia for maybe a few weeks, but otherwise he should
began issuing personal ads. "Freelance hysterical propagandists for hire",
for example. Perhaps he could write apologia for the Israelis.

 What has genuinely always puzzled me is why-oh-why so many people actually
took Jared's articles seriously. To me they just came over as hysterical,
absurd caricatures of reality. Is this a clash of cultures or something?

 If you are confused as to why I referred to Milosevic as "Gentlefuck", this
perhaps needs a translation from Serbo-Croat. You see, Milo translates as
"gentle", whilst "sevic" is slang for "fuck". You all catching on, matey

 By the way, I don't usually flaunt my articles about, but given the fact I
was portrayed as an imperialist stooge over the question of Yugoslavia, I
hope comrades read my reply to the Communist Party of Great Britain in the
Weekly Worker where I polemicise against their slogan of "revolutionary
defeatism". If you want me to post to this list, I can do.



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