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I don't know if Sam is still on the list, but I would like to thank him for
his article and extensive bibliography on development theory. Great source
of information. Clarifies a lot of  points.

got to go.


Les Schaffer wrote:

> [ bounced > 30 kB from Sam Pawlett <rsp at>
>   i'll post the first part here .. reformatted slightly for email ]
> Notes on Development Theory
>    Sam Pawlett
> Introduction
> Development theory took off after WWII with the first wave of
> decolonization. The problems facing the newly independent countries
> became of concern to intellectuals who wanted to understand the plight
> of the newly independent countries as well as rationalize
> imperialism. Such problems had in the past really only been the
> preserve of those working in the Marxist tradition because of the
> events and issues raised by the 1917 Russian revolution. Because of
> the small size of the Russian industrial working class and the
> agrarian nature of the economy, the Russian revolutionaries were
> concerned with problems of underdevelopment and the problem of
> building socialism in a backward country where Marx and his followers
> said that socialism would (not could) take place in advanced
> industrialized capitalist countries. Russian and German Marxists like
> Pleknakov and Kautsky argued that socialism could only be built on
> nations that had developed capitalist economies. Only a high level of
> productivity could support socialist social relations . . --

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