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   Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:45:45 -0400
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From: Ralph Nader
  To: Nader/LaDuke supporters nationwide

Dear Friends:

We're now in the home stretch of our historic run to establish the Green
Party as a permanent and prominent pro-democracy force on the national
political stage.

I'm writing to you with an appeal for support to make sure we accomplish
all that we can, and must.

While the dominant party cartel through its puppet debate commission
locked us out of the televised debates, and while the media continue to
under-report our campaign, the signs of a grassroots surge in support
for the Nader/LaDuke candidacy are everywhere.

Our super-rallies across the country -- in Seattle, Boston, New York,
Portland, Minneapolis and Chicago -- have attracted more than 10,000
paying attendees each. That's way beyond anything the Gore or Bush
campaigns have generated. Our crowds are far more charged up than those
at the staged events of the corporate candidates -- precisely because
our supporters are determined to engage in a sustained effort to rescue
our democracy from corporate plutocrats, and they understand the
importance of the Green Party challenge. This grassroots surge is
registering in the national polls, where our support is growing fast.

We stand on the precipice of an electoral showing that will shock the
corporate and political establishment. Together, we will send a
message that:

* We must provide public financing for public elections and other basic
  democratic tools for citizens to de-concentrate the power of the few
  over the many;

* Health care is a human right, and our country must join the rest of
  the industrialized world in providing universal health care, so that
  tens of millions of our citizens no longer go without coverage in
  times of medical need;

* The citizenry reject the corporate globalization model of the World
  Trade Organization and NAFTA, which subordinates health, safety and
  environmental protections to commercial imperatives;

* The richest nation in the history of the world must immediately
  commit itself to eradicate poverty within our borders, by launching
  a Marshall Plan against poverty, providing all workers with a living
  wage and removing the legal constraints on unionization drives; and

* We can no longer delay addressing global warming and other
  environmental crises to pacify the interests of corporate polluters
  and those who plunder our natural resources.

Together, we will work to show that the Green Party program and values
are the program and values of an American majority -- and that the
majority now have a powerful vehicle to advance their interests.

Achieving these goals, however, will require us all to redouble our
efforts in the final week of this campaign. We need all supporters to
talk to their friends, colleagues and neighbors, to continue spreading
the message of our campaign and to make sure everyone votes on election
day. Word of mouth is credible and fast.

And for the campaign to make history this week, we need your financial
support. Your contribution will enable us to coordinate and expand our
grassroots mobilization, to make sure we use every tool available to
circumvent the debate/media blackout and reach millions of voters and

Please make a pledge right now to restore our democracy by contributing
$50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford to our campaign.

We need $500,000 in the next few days for "get-out-the-vote" efforts

You can make the contribution over the Internet by clicking on

Thank you for your energy and support for this campaign to deepen our

Ralph Nader
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