Nader/U.S. Election [was: Re:Green/Nader economic policies are notprogressive]

Brian James hillbily at
Thu Nov 2 16:04:43 MST 2000

Dayne Goodwin wrote:

>My call to support Nader/LaDuke is partly based on a judgment of
>how the class struggle is manifest in the arena of capitalist electoral
>politics at this time, not simply on the nature of the Green Party and its
>programs or on Nader's own consciousness and program(which is pretty damn
>good!).  Especially if the Nader/Green Party campaign succeeds in reaching
>the 5% threshold that would institutionalize the Green Party through the
>cycle of the 2004 U.S. presidential election, it will be an encouraging
>victory for all progressive political forces - including those in and
>around the Labor Party - who are dedicated to building a politically
>independent working class movement.

If any kind of "politically independent working class movement" develops
around Ralph Nader and the Green Party it will soon find itself at
loggerheads with the Green Party itself. Once they get their 5% and the
benefits that go with it, they will establish a powerful bureaucracy of
their own and proceed to do as all successful Green Parties around the
world have done: suck up to the ruling class while advancing a watered
down version of their non-socialist GREEN agenda. Meanwhile, whatever
class consciousness may have been stirred up during this election
campaign will have to be salvaged and steered away from the reactionary
and illogical forms it has been given by Ralph. I can sympathise with
the desperation of American socialists at this time in history, but it
looks to me like you're helping establishing another enemy (the Green
Party) while in the hopes of advancing a socialist movement.

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