#8: Nader's appeal

Dayne Goodwin dayneg at SPAMshell.aros.net
Thu Nov 2 16:13:33 MST 2000

Hello Les,
        unfortunately i don't have the computer technology(and/or
knowledge) myself to make use of web sites. if it's something very
compelling i will use computer at library to check out a web site(as when
i recently found this web site).  everything i have put on marxism list
was something someone sent to me, nothing from a web site.
        i am aware i am taxing patience, etc. of many (prob'ly esp.
outside U.S.) but hey the U.S. election is in just a few days and i don't
intend to make a practice of this.
        i would be happy to help Lou financially(Lou please send me your
mailing address off list), but can't do a lot. i think i am one of Lou's
target list members as a low income janitor.
        in solidarity, Dayne
        - - - - - -
On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Les Schaffer wrote:

> Dayne:
> please ease up on complete posting of stuff to marxism list that is
> stuff taken straight from another site. instead quote a couple choice
> paragraphs to make your point, and then provide a URL to the rest of
> the material.
> this will save enormously in bandwidth costs for the owner of the
> list, Lou Proyect.
> Thanks much
> les schaffer

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