Nader/U.S. Election [was: Re:Green/Nader economic policies arenotprogressive]

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Nov 2 18:53:08 MST 2000

Brian James wrote:

> If any kind of "politically independent working class movement" develops
> around Ralph Nader and the Green Party it will soon find itself at
> loggerheads with the Green Party itself. Once they get their 5% and the

Of course. What does this have to do with anything? When have marxists been
able to trust liberals -- and when has that interfered with making concrete
judgments on alliances under specific conditions with all sorts of people?

The U.S. governmental system, with its infinite checks and balances, is simply
never going to allow an actual left force to achieve electoral power. All left
agendas, when moderately successful (as in the case with the Civil Rights
Movement) are put into law by politicians who are enemies of the left. The left
gains its ends (when it does and to the extent that it does) by building
non-electoral movements. One engages in electoral movements when and only when
they are a way of establishing political linkages or "taking the public's
temperature." (Lenin said that elections are the way in which the capitalist
class takes the political temperature of the working class. But that can  work
both ways.) A large vote for Nader will indicate the number of people
potentially ready to listen to left messages or engage in serious (i.e.,
non-electoral) left politics. This nattering about the weaknesses of Nader and
the Greens is mere bullshit. Gee Whiz. Hey Ma, the rain is making me wet. Ain't
that terrible.


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