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> > In fact, the danger here is double-edged: on
> >the one hand, _a new opening to the 'national >bourgeoisie'_ [Yoshie:
> >Think Dengism here, for instance]; on the other >hand, _a false
> >strategy for anti-capitalist revolution_....   >(emphasis mine, "The
> >Origins of Capitalist Development: a Critique of >Neo-Smithian
> >Marxism," _New Left Review_ 104, July-August >1977, p. 91)   *****

Actually, this is not true in the context of _imperialized_ countries. If
"opening to national bourgeoisie" is a  "false anti-capitalist revolution", then
national liberation movements make ZERO sense to Brenner. There was nothing
FALSE about Peronism in Argentina, Kemalism in Turkey, Nasserism in Egypt, or
any other progressive nationalist movements elsewhere, including anti-apartheid
movement in South Africa. They were mass movements against imperialism and white
racism. So the right to  national-self determination was a REAL thing, and a
LEGITIMATE right on the part of the imperialized, not a false conciousness.

Just a quick guess. The logical conclusion of Brenner's thesis takes us to
Bernstein's support of imperialism in Morocco, not to mention Mensheviks and
revisionist historians.


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