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> I don't know if Sam is still on the list, but I would like to thank him for
> his article and extensive bibliography on development theory. Great source
> of information. Clarifies a lot of  points.

Thanks and special thanks to Les for taking the time in putting it into
readable form. The article was just meant as a summary for those who
don't have the time to go through and read all the literature. The
debates around polarisation and convergence in the int'l economy;
dependency and imperialism as well as a host of other issues have a long
pedigree that  go back almost to the origins of capitalism itself. The
E.ASian "tiger" economies developed  exactly as the Mercantilist
theorists said a country can and should develop. The central
meta-problem in discussing dependency theory is that many important
contributions have not been translated into English, so critics like
Brenner and Leys are only working with a small portion of that
theoretical school. If your read Brenner and Leys (The Rise and FAll of
Development Theory), they mention Gunder Frank, BAran and Sweezy,
CArdoso's NLR articles and THAT's IT. Dependency and developement theory
literature is much more extensive and comprehensive than that. Books by
Ronald Chilcote and Cristobal KAy cover some of the Latin American
literature. I'll post on more substantive issues later today

Sam Pawlett

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