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Sam Pawlett wrote:

> >The central
> >meta-problem in discussing dependency theory is >that many important
> >contributions have not been translated into English, >so critics like
> >Brenner and Leys are only working with a small >portion of that
> >theoretical school. If your read Brenner and Leys >(The Rise and FAll of
> >Development Theory), they mention Gunder Frank, >BAran and Sweezy,
> >CArdoso's NLR articles and THAT's IT. Dependency >and developement theory
> >literature is much more extensive and >comprehensive than that. Books by
> >Ronald Chilcote and Cristobal KAy cover some of >the Latin American
> >literature. I'll post on more substantive issues later >today
> >(hopefully).
> >Sam Pawlett

Very true Sam. Eagerly waiting for your posts.




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