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>Can anybody tell me what the politics of the International Committee of
the Fourth
>International is. Where do they stand on the trade unions?

In the 1950s, there was a split in the FI. The SWP in the US, Gerry Healy's
Socialist Labor League in Great Britain and Pierre Lambert's group in
France broke with Michel Pablo [Raptis], Ernest Mandel, Livio Maitan and
Pierre Frank of the French, Belgian and Italian sections over how to assess
the CP's. The "Pabloites" thought that the CP's showed staying power and
demanded the attention if not critical support of Trotskyist forces. The
opposition to Pablo regarded the CP as the enemy.

When the Cuban revolution took place, Mandel and the Americans arrived at a
rough consensus that the revolution was socialist while Healy and Lambert
regarded it with complete hostility. The FI was reunified in 1964, but the
Lambertistes and Healyites remained apart in something they called the
International Committee of the Fourth International. Within a few years,
they split.

In the 1970s Healy began to degenerate politically and psychologically. He
was paranoid and a sexual predator on young women in his organization. He
charged leaders of the American Trotskyist movement with being FBI and CIA
agents. Eventually he was expelled from the group he founded. Afterwards,
the group began to disintegrate. It now consists of two tiny groups in
Great Britain and the United States that concentrate all their efforts on
the World Socialist Website which is really not bad considering the
pedigree of its founders.

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