"Stagism," Etc. (was Re: Two Cents)

Michael Hoover hoov at SPAMfreenet.tlh.fl.us
Fri Nov 3 17:16:04 MST 2000

> The plain truth is that Robert Brenner never writes about contemporary
> politics.
> If you look at the online archives of Against the Current going back to
> 1995, there is a single article by Brenner--a short version of his NLR
> article.
> Alan Wald once told
> me that the process of getting tenure is a lot like getting housebroken.
> Only the strongest have the ability to piss on the floor.
> Louis Proyect

As someone who began reading original ATC with its very first issue in
about 1980/81, I recall RB writing quite regularly (often with Johanna
Brenner) about various aspects of US politics.  Current mag dates to
about 1986/87 when several groups came together to form Solidarity.
I continued subbing to ATC - even had co-authored article published in
early 90s - until several years ago, but then, I've pretty much let all
my subs lapse (I do have lifetime sub to Dave Marsh's *Rock & Rap
Confidential*!).  Re. ATC, I'd pretty much stopped reading issues that
arrived in mail and I'd lost any interest that I'd once had in Solidarity
as an organization (I know that mag and org are not one and same).

Is cv/tenure building really monocausal explanation in matters where
political/research differences exist?      Michael Hoover

fwiw: I attended LA Solidarity chapter meeting in 1988 and Brenner
appeared to participate as rank & file member.

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