Nader/U.S. Election [was: Re:Green/Nader economic policies arenotprogressive]

Martin Zehr m_zehr at
Fri Nov 3 17:35:14 MST 2000

One thing you might want to get right Carrol. You are not just "making an
alliance". The influence of the "left" is such that before you can begin to
have a voice in policy determination you are going to have to bring
something of value to the table. The Greens exist; the "left" is a phantom
that is as elusive as it's dogma. Greens are not liberals; and they are not
"leftists". Suggest people begin to think beyond the conventional paradigms.
The significance of the Nader candidacy is that  a new form of mass popular
resistance has emerged. If you want to really DO something; hop on in. If
you just want to debate; stay at the coffee house.

   As far as the"left" having the obligation to build mass struggles outside
the electoral realm, not a bad thought... if the "left" you spoke of had a
base in the working class and had leadership in the popular resistance
movements. But reality being what it is, sorry, but I for one just don't see

   And if you don't think you can ever get political power, short of
revolution, what ARE you doing in the meantime, that means anything to
anyone besides you? Rather than worrying about the number of people who
might listen to "leftist" messages, you might just try figuring that it
might be the Green agenda that can stand on its own, while the  vain hopes
of an unresurrected "left" remain unfulfilled. I live in a state where there
are 11,000 registered Greens. Know any "leftist" group with anything

   And like they say, other than that I totally agree with your endorsement
of Nader.

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