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Sat Nov 4 07:15:10 MST 2000

> From: "Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky"
> el 4 Nov 00, a las 10:07, Alan Bradley dijo:
> > Nonetheless, there is another form of stagism, which some other
> > comrades have already mentioned, which has more bearing on actual
> > national liberation struggles, and that is the stagism of permitting
> > the "national" bourgeoisie to lead the struggle, without the working
> > class (actually, the communists) challenging for the leadership of the
> > struggle, that is, fighting them.
> Strange language, dear Alan. What does it mean, "permitting" the
> national bourgeoisie to lead the struggle?

Read it as "permitting ... without ... challenging" and it makes more
sense, I think.  Has this ever happened?  No.  But it is hinted at in what
Mine wrote.

> If, during that struggle, we fail to keep on the lines where the national
> bourgeoisie ... is leading, then we simply fall on the camp of the enemy.

Indeed, one might say that if the national bourgeoisie fail to keep on the
lines where the proletariat are leading, then they might simply fall on the
camp of the enemy.

The manner in which you phrased this is interesting - it gives a certain
precedence to the national bourgeoisie over the proletariat, and this is
most interesting.  It seems to reflect a definite strand in Left
Nationalist thought.  (Left Nationalism being the proper name for the
current more commonly called "anti-imperialism".  Of course, in imperialist
states, Left Nationalism can more properly be called class

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