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el 4 Nov 00, a las 23:32, Alan Bradley dijo:
> > If, during that struggle, we fail to keep on the lines where the
> > national bourgeoisie ... is leading, then we simply fall on the camp
> > of the enemy.
> Indeed, one might say that if the national bourgeoisie fail to keep on
> the lines where the proletariat are leading, then they might simply
> fall on the camp of the enemy.

Yes, I agree fully! I don't usually do this since it is a very easy
way to shrug off political responsibilities, but this time I must
blame my bad management of English for the blunder. Sorry, what you
said is exactly what I meant. However, I am not quite sure that the
conclusion you advance as follows is adequate (unless you have it in
your head before you act, which is a possibility!)

> The manner in which you phrased this is interesting - it gives a
> certain precedence to the national bourgeoisie over the proletariat,
> and this is most interesting.  It seems to reflect a definite strand
> in Left Nationalist thought.  (Left Nationalism being the proper name
> for the current more commonly called "anti-imperialism".  Of course,
> in imperialist states, Left Nationalism can more properly be called
> class collaboration...)

The difference between we in the National Left and Left Nationalists
is precisely that we do not bend to the bourgeois leadership of the
struggle. But when the struggle is raging, and we are not leading it,
nor have a concrete possibility to do so, what do you want normal
people to do if not to engage, load your rifle and shoot the common
enemy of the bourgeois (who, yes, we know this, may and eventually
"cannot but" falter, etc.) and ourselves: the imperialist GI?

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