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Sat Nov 4 12:57:25 MST 2000

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Philip Ferguson <plf13 at> wrote:
> ...Secondly, Mike Alewitz mentioned that about 80 percent of the work in
> the printshop was commercial work for Wall Street...

Again, I said no such thing.

I have no idea what the funding is at Pathfinder.  Nor do I care.  The CP,
the SLP and all sorts of other people have copyrights of important
revolutionary works - I am not interested in their financing either.

I only care when the SWP uses their corporate lawyers to go after those of
us who choose to paint about or reproduce the writings of past
revolutionaries.  That has nothing to do with working class politics.

We all have a stake in defending freedom of artistic and intellectual

Anyhow - I am obviously failing to express myself clearly.

Jose - I didn't mean to sound so testy...



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