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Alan Bradley wrote:

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> > >Alan Bradley wrote:
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> > > > Imagine a working class fighting against its own bourgeoisie when a
> > > > county is under imperialist domination trying to give an
> > > > anti-imperialist struggle against an imperialist country (Take
> > > > Argentina or Egypt in the past, for example, or Yugo at the moment).
> > > > How would this be characterized if not be sectarianism?
> > >Xxxx, I may be misunderstanding you, but I think that this is total
> > >hogwash.  What you have described is _pure_ stagism.
> > Just the contrary. My emphasis above is Lenin in context, not *pure
> > stagism*. To my knowledge, pure stagism is associated with the
> > 1)evolutionary socialism of Bernstein and 2)vulgar materialism of Kautsky
> > ( Rosa Luxemburg to a certain extend). This variant of Marxism assumes
> > that full establishment of capitalist relations is a necessary
> > pre-condition for a full establishment of socialism.
> >Yes, of course we are not talking about this brand >of stagism.
> >Nonetheless, there is another form of stagism, >which some other comrades
> >have already mentioned, which has more bearing >on actual national
> >liberation struggles, and that is the stagism of >permitting the "national"
> >bourgeoisie to lead the struggle, without the >working class (actually, the
> >communists) challenging for the leadership of the >struggle, that is,
> >fighting them.

Actually, this is historically not true. If an example is necessary, Peronism
in Argentina had a _strong_ union support behind Peron so was Nasserism in
Egypt. The core lefties who criticize Peronism in the name of  defending
working class can not see that the military who overthrew Peron in 1976 (?)
more so heavily supressed the labor movement, automatically conspiring with the
US and accepting its economic policies.. So which one do you prefer?
progressive nationalism or US imperialism?.Fanon or Bernstein? The political
economic policies set by the US backed military government went as follows
(Argentina): " the dismantling of protection to national industry, the breaking
of the power of trade unions; the privatization of state enterprises, the
running down of the welfare state; the reorganization of the financial system
and the abondenment of  the practice of the low or negatve interest rates; the
introduction of a single exchange market; the elimination of subsidies in the
pricing of food; the freeing of capital movements" (Guilermo Flichman, "The
State and Capital Accumulation in Argentina" in Christian Anglade and Carlos
Fortin eds., _The State and Capital Accumulation in Latin America, Vol 2_,
MacMillan Press, 1985)




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