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JF> Eventually it was arranged that the buyers could, cheaply, have a
JF> certain amount of time to piece together as many sets as they could
JF> and take them away.  Getting them out of Russia, proved to be another
JF> weeks-long process.

   The books could not be sent by freight in one shipment, but had to
be packaged in little parcels of maybe up to 3 each and sent
individually to New York, hundreds or thousands of parcels.

   So, as to the cost of the operation, add to them the travel costs
of several people to Moscow (plus accomodation etc for the time that
Juan described and for the packaging and mailing), and the cost of
packing plus postage itself.

   By the way, the SWP comrades met another group of people trying to
recover as many Marx, Engels and Lein "pulp", namely the Cubans.

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