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LP> Luko:
LP> >   Why don't you just unsub me too?
LP> Because I like having you here.

   But I don't want it anymore. I leave you alone with your assorted
sectarian muddleheads, stalinst fellowtravellers, and academic know-
nothings with their scholastic debates.

   The "marxism" you subscribe to has nothing to do with the ideas and
discoveries of Karl Marx, that the workers can only liberate
themselves by themselves; you are looking toward some petty-bourgois
caste, enriching itself in the name of "socialism" and keeping the
workers in check "by any means necessary".

   Since in another post you told me that you prefer Lexis-Nexis to
Marx, maybe you should rename your discussion club to "Lexism-Nexism
list", which might be more appropriate.

   Good bye.

   PS.: the actual unsubbing command goes out with the next batch to
make sure that these my last messages still get distributed.

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