Workers assert themselves in Yugoslava

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B> L.WILLMS at writes:
LW>> <<
LW>>     The conquests of the Yugoslav revolution will only be defended by
LW>>  the working masses, by nobody else, especially not by those people
LW>> who  send the police and army against the working class.
LW>>   >>
B> It will be a wondrous thing when the working masses defend the
B> conquests of the organization of djinjidc & Co.!  Can I smoke some of
B> what you're smoking?

   No, we live in different worlds. Your horizon is obviously limited
to who is ruling _over_ the working class, to fallout between the
various pro-capitalist politicians; my "smoke" is from the world of
class relations, of the working class and their own class interests,
whom you obviously see as your enemy who is threatening your preferred
pusher for privatization.

   And I dare to make one prediction: you will see the two parties of
the Milosevic family (SPS of Mr. Milosevic, JUL of Ms. Milosevic)
crumble in the next time when they will no longer be a vehicle for
privilege and power. Thieves fall out, and the rightist Mr. Seselj has
already abandoned his former coalition partner Milosevic.

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