Workers assert themselves in Yugoslava

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Nov 4 16:27:06 MST 2000

I think that the only explanation for the outbursts from Lueko and Owen is
the item I posted here about Nezavisnost cavorting with the folks at George
Meany House in Washington, while the Trotskyist press was depicting this
outfit as the 'independent' trade union movement in Yugoslavia that would
liberate the country from the remaining tentacles of Milosevic Stalinist

I can't blame them. The truth hurts.

So instead of trying to come to grips with this painful reality, they pick
fights with Jared Israel whose only sin was to try to publicize the point
of view of people this country was trying to destroy. Even after the forces
in Yugoslavia they represent have been scattered and defeated. I call this
bad faith.

Oh well. There are many different Marxist forums on the Internet. I will
continue to exercise my moderational facilities to promote discussion of
the Nader campaign, the Mideast, 15th century England, art and revolution
and whatever else comes our way.

Have a good evening everybody. I am going to see a play based on the short
stories of one my favorite authors, Charles Bukowski.

Louis Proyect
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