Nader/U.S. Election

Alan Bradley alanb at
Sat Nov 4 17:57:45 MST 2000

> From: jonathan flanders
> I think it is important that you understand that in the US context, the
> Democratic Party represents mainstream Social Democracy.

I am aware of this.  In fact, it is actually useful to reverse the
statement, and say that mainstream Social Democracy is identical to the
Democratic Party.  This provides some useful balance to the "bourgeois
workers' party" approaches to Social Democracy.

> So when you have a break to the left on the scale of the current Nader
> phenomenon, it is not enough to simply dismiss the forces around the
> Greens as simply generic "liberals." Something significant is happening.

Perhaps the problem is the tendency to simply dismiss "generic liberals".

I totally agree that something significant is happening:  a significant
chunk of liberals are breaking with the Democrats.  This is good.  Many of
these people are good.  (Most of) Their leadership will eventually betray
you, and them, too.  All of these are generic statements about generic
liberals - aren't they true about the Nader thing?

*Of course* the left should identify with the Nader campaign!  But that
doesn't mean that it is necessary or appropriate to exaggerate the level of
consciousness of our (potential) allies.

Alan Bradley
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