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I'd thought that I'd add my two cents...

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<    Again, you are not talking about distributors here, but about sales
 representatives. The latter do cost money to Pathfinder Press, at
 least for transport, accomodation, and probably some extra money for
 meals, too, even if they are volunteers from the party (in Europe
 there are some full timers for that job). Do you think they get "all
 over the country (indeed all over the world)" for free?>

As far as I know (meaning I cannot say this with absolute certainty),
Pathfinder does not have an outside distributor in the US at least. All of
the books are warehoused in the Pathfinder building and shipped, etc. by the
people that work there. I believe that if they are listed with any of the
major distributors that simply means their books are listed (as a way of
getting them into bookstores, which sometimes will only buy books from these
companies)-they are still shipped, etc. by Pathfinder (and, anyway, this is a
minority of the sales). It wasn't always the case-before 1996, they did use a
separate distributor. I assume this is what you mean by "distributor", as I
am not completely knowledgeable about the publishing business either.

As for the sales reps-in the US, at least, they are usually not funded by
Pathfinder Press or the SWP NO itself, with the exception of those going to
the book fairs that you mention and similar events (and not all of them are
either). The stories that you read in the Militant about the campaign to
place Capitalism's World Disorder and other books is funded by the branches,
not by Pathfinder or the SWP NO.

And, any road, most of this is not funded by the branches or Pathfinder by
profit from the books (as not many of them are sold), but through donations,
whether through sustainers or fund drives.


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