Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sat Nov 4 21:14:36 MST 2000

Lueko Willms writes:

>Again, you are not talking about distributors here, but about sales
>representatives. The latter do cost money to Pathfinder Press, at
>least for transport, accomodation, and probably some extra money for
>meals, too, even if they are volunteers from the party (in Europe
>there are some full timers for that job). Do you think they get "all
>over the country (indeed all over the world)" for free?

The members pay for this themselves.  It doesn't cost Pathfinder anything.

>   What do you think, even a cheap hotel room costs in Berlin, or
>Hamburg or Dublin or G–teborg? Do you think the hotelier gives it for
>free just out of sympathy for the poor Pathfinder sales rep? We are
>not yet at that point.

Paid for by the members.  Not Pathfinder.

>   What do you think a trip to Teheran for attending the book fair
>over there does cost?

Paid for by members and members' dues, not Pathfinder.

>   Or what do you think, a booth at the Frankfurt book fair does cost,
>which is the most important international market place for books and
>rights? (Plus accomodation for a small team, and plane tickets...).

Paid for by members and members' dues.  Not Pathfinder.

> What a confused sectarian muddlehead you are.

Lueko, I think if anyone is a muddlehead here, it is you.  And before you
start calling me a 'sectarian' you should take a look at the track record
of the Barnesites whom you seem so keen to defend.

Next you will be telling us that it is only right they employ Park Avenue
lawyers to coerce mural artists and internet archive volunteers.

Philip Ferguson

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