Green Party prospects

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>>But what needs most to be said in these final days before
the election is that voting -- that most pivotal act of the
true democrat -- does matter. La Follette would chastise
today's cynics, as he did his compromised contemporaries,
telling them that no believer in democracy will ever
dismiss the sincerely rendered choice of a citizen on
Election Day as anything less than the most noble of all


    Thanks for posting this wonderful column. I have no great beef with
those who want to vote for Nader or, even better, a real socialist candidate
as a way of protesting the capitalist two-party system and urging working
people to break with it. But whenever I see this sort of inspiring,
patriotic prose, it reminds me that NOT voting AT ALL is also an
alternative, and in fact, the one that MOST working people will opt for.


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Are periodic third party failures as much a part of the U.S. bourgeois
democratic republican electoral equilibrium as the DemReps. ?



column by John
Nichols in the Capital Times (Madison, WI.),
October 31, 2000


BYLINE: John Nichols

As an increasingly crude 2000 election campaign clawed its
way toward what could well be a dispiriting conclusion, I
buoyed my spirits with a visit to the political graveyard.
There, I sat for a bit with the last presidential candidate
to take so sustained a political battering from the powers
that be as the one now being administered to Ralph Nader.


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