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Alan Bradley alanb at
Sun Nov 5 06:56:21 MST 2000

> From: "Martin Zehr"
>    Liberals in the U.S. are a particularly partisan breed of political
> animal. They have their home in the Democratic Party. Liberals are well
> Greens are ordinary people and when I said at one point I would be
> interested in an analysis of the Green movement part of the reason for
> doing so is that I was hoping that there were people on this list who
> might be able to contribute to the discussion. But alas, it
> seems as though banality is not solely an attribute of the Greens.

No, Martin, banality is not solely an attribute of the Greens.  But
unfortunately you seem to have a little trouble accepting the seriousness
of the contributions that others are making to this discussion.

I've worked with the Greens in Australia, both in electoral and
non-electoral campaigns.  In fact, I was a member of one of their
predecessor organisations - one of those, in fact, from which the liberal
Greens split rather than continue to work with dirty communists.  (Yes,
that's irony, or something of the sort.)

Yes, the Greens are liberals, by any definition which is not entirely
tautological.  That doesn't mean they aren't interesting.

Alan Bradley
alanb at

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