A Serb striker speaks out

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Sun Nov 5 09:33:51 MST 2000

>It seems to me that these kinds of exchanges are precisely what makes this
>so valuable. So if Luko is now lurking in the archives, I wish to tell him
>I hope he comes back soon and rejoins the discussion. He has an audience!

I agree. I also thought that Owen was a valuable member. However, I could
not permit him to start a flame war with Jared. He told me privately after
the first time he was booted that he needed an excuse to get thrown off. So
did John Lacny, who went ahead and started his own Marxism mailing list on
egroups that is fairly hostile to the kind of viewpoint frequently
expressed here.

When you stop and think about it, every single unsubbing from this list is
directly traceable to differences over Yugoslavia. What's all the more
surprising is that after it becomes a non-issue due to Nato's final
victory, folks like Luko and Owen still act as if Milosevic was still in
power. I keep thinking of somebody who had an limb amputated who keeps
reaching over to scratch it because he still feels an itch.

Louis Proyect
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