A former SWP (US) member on Pathfinder and the MIA

Einde O'Callaghan einde.ocallaghan at SPAMplanet-interkom.de
Sun Nov 5 11:12:37 MST 2000

I have been asked to post the following message from the former
webmaster of the SWP's YS website.

Einde O'Callaghan



When I joined the Young Socialists (then the Socialist Youth Organizing
Committee) in 1994, I enthusiastically participated in selling the
and Pathfinder material. Getting the word out, of course, is the best
way to
build up such a small movement. Despite Pathfinder's high prices, I was
convinced that this was Pathfinder's primary mission.

However, recent events have forced me to rethink this. Specifically,
Pathfinder's assault on the Marxists Internet Archive
(http://www.marxists.org) for dissemination of works by Trotsky, Cannon,
others has forced me to sever my ties with the SWP's movement. If
were truly Pathfinder's primary mission, an action against the MIA would
completely illogical. Instead, the movement would be giving out the
address as readily as it gives out Militant Labor Forum fliers.

This, along with the SWP's policy of selling materials for the sake of
selling, has outraged me to the point where I no longer believe the SWP
serves any revolutionary purpose for the working class in the United
or internationally.

I will continue to read the Militant, hoping to see some hint that the
once again is moving in the right direction.


Adam Levenstein

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