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Thanks Phil and others for useful information. I have Mattick's _Marx and
Keynes_ on my shelf here. Time to look at his other book on economics and
politics in the 70s.



Philip Ferguson wrote:

> Have you read Tom Kemp's 'The Climax of Capitalism'?  It is an excellent
> account of US capitalism and, I think, goes up to the early 90s.
> Hasn't Anwar Shaik also written a very good book some time in the mid-90s
> (maybe with someone else?) that has a lot of info on the US economy in the
> 80s?
> A useful background read might be Paul Mattick's 'Economics and Politics in
> the Age of Inflation', which covers the 70s, and his 'Marx and Keynbes; the
> limits of the mixed economy'.
> The classic on crisis theory remains Henryk Grossman, 'The Law of
> Accumulation. . .' (Interestingly, the first book ever published by what
> became the Frankfurt School).
> It is the fall in the rate of profit in the real economy which drives the
> rise of the bubble economy, so tracking US rates of profit in the 70s and
> 80s would be important.  There should be some noticeable correlation
> between the reduced rate of profit in industry and the growth of the paper
> economy.
> Cheers,
> Phil


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