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>Sorry if i said something wrong. Am always willing to learn

It's not a question of what you say, John, it's a question of how you think
and how you behave and what you are willing to condone or ready to oppose.
What you wrote was that there was "nothing wrong" with "old men chasing
young women" as long as it stops short of actual rape.  And that you "doubt"
that Healy committed actual rape, presumably because he is a "respectable
man" and you think that only low-life "deviant" men commit rape, although
the evidence is all the other way; furthermore the line between "rape" and
"mere harassment" would be drawn much differently if women drew it.

John, "old men chasing young women" is sexual oppression.  It is a product
of class society.  It is patriarchal power, not "romance".  It is something
we are supposed to be enraged at and fighting, not excusing and accepting.
Naturally we have to fight it from cops and bosses all the time, but
sometimes I fool myself into believing that "everyone in the movement knows
this already", but obviously this is not so.  If you want to be part of the
working-class struggle for power, I strongly urge you, not merely to "watch
your language", but to try to listen to what women actually say about such
conduct, and to FEEL what it is like to be the woman who is chased,
harassed, pestered, insulted, touched, and humiliated by the "old man", the
man in power, the boss, the cop, the oppressor; and what it is like to
believe that the other men around one, even ONE'S COMRADES, see "nothing
wrong" with this.  This is the experience of half of the working class, and
of the most oppressed and exploited half at that, the half which is going to
generate most of the revolutionary fighters and ultimately most of our

Lou Paulsen

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