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Sun Nov 5 12:36:22 MST 2000

Jim Farmelant wrote:

> On Sun, 5 Nov 2000 23:51:23 -0000 "John Nolan" <bricole at eircom.net>
> writes:
> > But those young women did not have to succumb to his entreaties. I
> > doubt if he forced
> > himself on them. Perhaps as a old man just liked chasing young
> > women.Whats wrong with
> > that.
> Just as if say a US president wants to make it with one of his young
> interns, what wrong with that?  And since Dennis Healy was supposed
> to be a socialist revolutionary, I am reminded of that old '60s quote,
> "that the position of women in the movement is prone."  That must
> be why I suppose that from a woman's perspective, these lists sometimes
> have all the feel of a men's locker room.
> Jim

Heyyy there are socialist women on the list too! I never feel myself put in
"a men's locker room". I am far too liberated may be to be put in a cage.

in any case, I too agree that Healy's *forcing* himself on women (or any
other being) is unacceptable.



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